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17th EPAC/EACN Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly.

logo igai epac rpWe begin the publication of the documents regarding the 17th EPAC/EACN Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 15-17 November 2017, as well as the video and audio recording of the opening and closing sessions.

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Plan for the Prevention of Risks of Corruption and Related Offences.

plan pprcroThere is nowadays a national and international context of fast uncertainty and change that must be closely surveyed by the organisations, which signifies that the management of the risk has a significant impact in their modus faciendi, considering their duty of active partners.

Corruption constitutes a serious obstacle to the regular operation of all institutions – either in the public or private sectors, or even in international transactions. It is a phenomenon that takes a transnational character and thus currently constitutes one of the greatest worries, not only for the several Member States of the European Union but also for international organisations with a global and regional scope of action. It is therefore a threat to the democratic State based on the rule of law and (seriously) impairs the normal relationship between the citizens and the Public Administration, having at the same time negative implications in the (desired) development of the economies, the regular operation of the markets and the free and healthy competition. 

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